「TEAP Writing Section サンプル問題」

「TEAP Writing Section サンプル問題」


Your teacher has asked you to read the following passage andsummarize what the writer says about electronic books.
Your summary should be one paragraph of about 70 words.


There are many different kinds of books. Some books give factual information about various topics,such as history or nature. Other books tell interesting stories that are fun to read and help people to relax. Traditionally,people have read books printed on paper. But this situation has started to change.

Nowadays,more and more people read electronic books on e-book readers.

There are several reasons people plefer electronic books.

John Wallance,for example ,likes to travel . In the past, he could only take one or two books in his bag when he wenton trips,as books are heavy and take up space. Now,he can take many electronic books in one e-book reader.There is another reason electronic books are popular.

Many people don’t have enough free time to go to bookstores.

Even if they buy books online,they have to wait for them to be delivered. Electronic books can be downloaded from the lnternet,which only takes a few seconds.

However,electronic books also have some disadvantages. Carol Brock used to read electronic books,but then she dropped her e-book reader and it stopped working. Even though she had bought lots of electronic books ,she could’nt
read them. Now,she reads paper books again.

Also,some people use a pen or pencil to underline key words or sentences in a text. Jim Field is studying English literature at university .

He often makes handwritten notes in his books while he reads.

He would’nt be able to do this with electronic books.

There are advantages and disadvantages for both kinds of books. People should decide for themselves which kind is better for them.






文部科学省が、様々な英語資格・検定試験の成績を公平に比較するために作成している、語学の国際的な指標CEFR(セフア―ル)との対照表を用いて、「TEAP」と他の英語外部検定「GTEC basic」とのレベルを比べてみましよう。

第3弾(TEAP・writing section 要約問題の解答・解説です)




①The passage discusses the
benefits and disadvantages of e-book readers.

②One benefit is that e-book readers are light and can hold many books,so this is convenient for travelers .

③In addition,owners can save time because they can buy books without going to the

④On the other hand,e-book readers can break.⑤If that happens ,owners can’t readany books at all.

⑥Moreover,you can’t write notes in e-books by hand.(ここま72words)

⑦Based on these factors ,individuals have to decide for themselves whetheror not to use an e-book reader.











設問文の指定はabout 70 words(約70語)であるが、TEAPの試験では(ミスがなければ)、指定語数を大きく超えても減点は無いと思われるので、⑦を入れて90語書いても大丈夫と思われる。